Worship ascribes to God the highest worth; because He is holy, He is all powerful, He is all knowing, He is all and ever present, and He is all loving. He is God; Jehovah, Elohim. We are to express his worth or worthiness in our worship. Worship is an emotional experience. It is a response […]

Tomorrow is July 4, the 240th birthday of the United States of America. It is celebrated on July 4 each year in all states and possessions of the United States. On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress declared the American Colonies free and independent states. But it took the delegates two days to agree on […]

I believe everyone has a call of God on their life. We have a general or universal call, that is, a call that everyone is given by God our Creator. First, we all have a call to repentance (Luke 13:3). John preached repentance everywhere he went (Mark 1:15). Jonah was called to preach repentance to […]

Father’s Day is always a special day in our lives because this day has been set aside to honor all fathers, and to receive honor if we are blessed to be fathers. I personally have three living children If you are a father, we, along with your children, honor you today. But, the Father that […]


by Pastor Al Johnson June 5, 2016

We worship and serve God today because we believe the Bible. We believe in the God of the Bible; the Christ of the Bible; the plan of salvation revealed in the Bible; and everything else written in the Bible. The Bible is true from cover to cover. It is without error and it is absolutely perfect. I […]

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by Pastor Al Johnson April 9, 2016

I usually write something of a serious nature in this column, but, I thought I would lighten ‘up’ for a change. I came ‘up’ with a two letter word that we constantly use that has more meanings than one could ever imagine. It is the word ‘up’. It is easy to understand the word ‘up’, […]

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by Pastor Al Johnson February 28, 2016

There are various levels of what we call greatness in this life and in this world. Some look at greatness as how successful a person is or how much money they make or possess. Have you ever thought that maybe God could use a waitress, a clerk, a garbage man, a postman or lady, or […]

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by Pastor Al Johnson February 14, 2016

Since today is Valentines Day, I am writing about the Love of God for all of mankind. There’s an old secular song that says, “Love is Many-Splendored Thing.” The very concept of love is one of the most permeating themes in the world today. The Beatles sang about it in the sixties. Their message to […]

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by Pastor Al Johnson January 17, 2016

Today is Sanctity-of-Life Sunday in America. This coming Friday, January 22, will be the 43rd anniversary of the dreadful Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision permitting abortion at will, mostly for the convenience of the parent(s). Since then, Americans have aborted or killed nearly sixty million innocent human beings under the cover of U.S. law […]

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by Pastor Al Johnson December 30, 2015

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone. The year, 2015, has come and is almost gone. This coming Friday will be the first day of the new year and this will be a new beginning for each of us. Let us look back to the past year for just a few moments. There have been […]

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